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Charles A. Hirsch, Attorney at Law

Charles A. Hirsch, Attorney at Law

The Calart Building, 400 Reservoir Avenue, Suite 3G, Providence, RI, 02907

Phone: (401) 521-1211

Summary Description

For experienced personal injury support in the Providence, Rhode Island, area, call Charles A. Hirsch, Attorney at Law, at 401-521-1211.

Attorney Overview

Charles A. Hirsch is a well respected Personal Injury Law Firm In Rhode Island. He is known for his professional, and success in making insurance companies pay. Based on his hard work ethic, and legal skill. His results are best measured by what his clients receive. Over the years Charles A. Hirsch has settled thousands of Personal Injury cases. He has settled claims in the millions of dollars. He works hard for his clients. He will do the same for you. Over 50% of our practice are referrals from other lawyers showing their confidence in our ability to achieve fair, adequate compensation for their clients.
At the office of Charles A. Hirsch, Attorney at Law we simplify everything for you. We understand the fear and confusion you face after an accident. We also understand your mortgage payments, medical bills and credit card debt don’t get put on the back burner simply because you are unable to work due to your injuries.

With these issues in mind, our staff works diligently to provide the aggressive and effective representation you need to get money for your losses. Whether you have been injured in an accident involving a car, truck, motorcycle or commercial vehicle. Our staff has the experience and knowledge needed to help you recover swift, suitable and just compensation for your losses.