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David Share

Share Lawyers

Share Lawyers is Ontario’s leading law firm focusing on claims against insurance companies for long term disability benefits, and other insurance claims based on illness and injury. Share Lawyers helps individuals who have been unfairly denied disability benefits from a variety of policies including: Short Term And Long Term Disability Insurance Life Insurance Business Overhead Insurance Mortgage Insurance Fire Coverage Disputes Critical Illness Insurance Accidental Death And Dismemberment Wrongful Dismissal Due To Illness Out Of Country Medical Claims

Max Berger

Max Berger

For anyone seeking to immigrate to Canada, choosing the right immigration law firm is a vital step. Choose Max Berger Professional Law Corporation.
With 27 years of experience and several thousand satisfied clients, we have a broad understanding of the immigration process, both in theory and practice.

We specialize in Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence, Enforcement, Appeals, Refugees & Business Immigration Law.
We provide immigration services for permanent residency under programs such as express entry, family sponsorship, humanitarian & compassionate application.

David Kornhauser

The Franchising Forum

The Franchising Forum is a respected legal practice located in Toronto and serving clients across Canada. We provide a comprehensive range of legal services for both franchisors and franchisees, helping our clients navigate this complex, but highly profitable, business model.
We understand that, with proper planning and follow-through, franchising can be beneficial to all parties involved. However, a misstep in the process can lead to financial losses or legal repercussions. Therefore, individuals and groups involved in franchising are wise to seek legal counsel.
We offer legal representation, document preparation, contract negotiations, and more. Our team focuses specifically on franchise law, and we have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of this field.

Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman , Barrister & Solicitor

Adam Goodman, Barrister & Solicitor, is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer practicing throughout the Greater Toronto Area with offices in North York and downtown Toronto. The practice was established in 2008 following Adam’s call to the bar. Adam prides himself on open communication and strongly believes in consulting with his clients during all stages of their legal matter.

Darcy Romaine

BolandHowe LLP

BolandHowe LLP is a personal injury law firm in York Region Ontario. Its foundational philosophy is that a lawyer’s trial experience is the most important factor in deciding who should represent you. After all, insurance companies know who goes to trial and who doesn’t shouldn’t you? A trial lawyer has the fortitude to say “no” when the last offer will not adequately protect your future.

The personal injury lawyers at BolandHowe are proud of their trial records. Our trial work has not only protected our client’s future but it has also changed the law for all Ontarians and made it a safer province. For example, following a case called Roycroft v Kyte, the Town of East Gwillimbury flattened a hill that caused a vehicle to lose control; after Thornhill v Shadid in which slippery winter roads caused a head-on collision, and serious orthopedic injuries to a young nurse, the Province of Ontario amended its snow plough regulations to improve the patrolling standards. After Pelletier v Ontario Provincial Police the court, for the first time, awarded compensation to good Samaritans who took a brain injured young man into their care for years following an accident when he couldn’t care for himself. After Taylor v Allen the Court of Appeal recognized that landlords cannot contract out of their maintenance obligations and liability was found in a case where a young man was badly burned. We have been responsible for some of the highest awards in Ontario, including the highest award for chronic pain, burn injuries, and orthopedic injuries.

We did all this with just 5 lawyers. Bigger isn’t better, its just bigger. When you’re in the courtroom, you are not represented by a law firm, you’re represented by your lawyer. At BolandHowe you will be represented by an experienced trial lawyer, guaranteed.

Joanne Piershing

Piershing & Associates

This law firm is the best you can find in the city of Toronto that specializes in the field of family law.

Mario Cariati

Cariati Law

When your life is disrupted by a serious accident resulting in the injury or wrongful death of a loved one, you need an Ontario, Canada personal injury and disability law firm with a reputation for honesty and a track record of success. You deserve straight talk and honest answers from a lawyer who will help you through a difficult time.

Jessica Urbach

The Traffic Lawyers

A team of independent and highly experienced professional criminal defence trial lawyers and paralegals focusing on driving offences.
Their lawyers & paralegals have expertise from offering legal aid with extensive experience defending various charges falling under dangerous driving.
Provide defence for possession charges that will focus on mitigating all damages & avoid criminal records for the simple recreational use of drugs.

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