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Moving Your Kids Out of Kentucky After Divorce

by Erin Wilkins (Law Office of M. Erin Wilkins, LLC)

If you have entered into a child custody agreement with your ex-spouse after a Kentucky divorce, you need to follow the terms of the agreement. Your Kentucky family law attorney can help you negotiate your Kentucky child custody agreement or modify an existing agreement should you need to move out of state.

The Decision to Move Your Child Out of State after a Kentucky Divorce

When you’ve been granted custody of your children after a Kentucky divorce you usually must allow the other parent visitation rights. This causes problems when you have to move out of state, as this can be seen as an attempt to deny the other parent’s visitation rights.

If you are considering a move out of state with your child, you must notify the Kentucky courts of your intent. Your attorney will need to file a motion with the court asking for permission to relocate the children, and as a result, change parenting time for your ex-spouse if necessary. The court will then examine your request. Your Kentucky family law attorney can help you determine when you must notify your ex-spouse, and help you deal with any challenge to your move.

Reasons for Moving Your Child Out of State after a Kentucky Divorce

Many families find it necessary to move after a Kentucky divorce. In some cases, the custodial spouse remarries, and the new spouse needs to move the family for a job. A new job is the main reason many parents move out of state and are forced to file a request for the Kentucky child custody agreement to be modified.

Filing to move out of state as the custodial parent following a Kentucky divorce can be a complicated process. You will need to prove that the move out of state is in the best interest of your child. Part of this is showing that you have taken the time to research possible schools and recreational options for your child in their proposed new location. A Kentucky family law attorney can help present your research and supporting documents in a courtroom setting.

When you decide to move out of state after a Kentucky divorce, the court will put your child’s needs first. A Kentucky family law attorney can help you file the necessary requests to modify your Kentucky child custody agreement, and act as your advocate if your ex-spouse challenges the move.

Contacting a Kentucky Family Law Attorney

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