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Douglas C. McNabb

McNabb Associates, P.C.

Our law firm is peer review rated by judges and other attorneys. We are in the top 5% of all attorneys in North America.

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers & Attorneys:
Our firm defends individuals charged with federal crimes. Typical cases include drug trafficking, public corruption, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. We have personally defended major federal criminal cases in more than 100 cities across the United States and almost 50 states and territories. Members of the firm personally fight and negotiate with federal authorities on a daily basis.

International Extradition Defense Lawyers & Attorneys:
Our firm challenges international extradition cases where the FBI or other U.S. federal law enforcement agencies seek to extradite any person, located anywhere in the world, based on allegations that a U.S. federal criminal statute has been violated. The firm fights international extradition requests whether the U.S. is the requesting or requested country. When Interpol issues a Red Notice, it is sent to all 187 member countries. The notice acts as an “all points bulletin” stating that there is an outstanding arrest warrant for a particular individual based on the fugitive, wanted status. The wanted notice lasts a lifetime, and has the practical effect of restricting travel, and exposes an individual to arrest, incarceration and possible extradition from any of the member countries to the U.S. We also fight MLAT (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty) requests from a foreign criminal prosecutor seeking evidence in a foreign criminal case against a U.S. person.

OFAC SDN Sanctions List Lawyers & Attorneys:
The firm challenges authority. Through the use of legal challenges and lobbying techniques, we seek to remove businesses, countries and individuals from governmental and organizational blacklists.

Members of the firm have been quoted in or appeared on over 160 global print and broadcast media outlets around the world, including among others BBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Sunday Times of London, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and The Associated Press.

We are widely published in Europe and North America, and annually judge national moot court competitions at leading law schools. Members of the firm testify in foreign courts as an expert witness on US federal criminal law and international extradition.

All our cases are serious; and we treat them that way.


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